'Meeting' Performance Arts Festival

The ‘Feminine Encounters’ Dance Festival is an annual event for feminist performing arts. The festival’s focus is the feminine experience of the dancing, moving, feminine body being discovered.

‘Feminine Encounters’ Dance Festival explores ‘the meeting point’ as a feminine place, a necessary and innovative space to discuss femininity and feminist issues and enable dialogue between artists from different fields and between artists and their audiences. The festival aspires to create a space for dialogue between women, between thought and art, between action and experience, between the active body – which moves, performs, talks – and the more passive body, which watches, listens and reflects.

The second annual three-day festival will take place during the first weekend of July at the Kelim Choreography Center in Bat-Yam. Created through the initiative of choreographer Ayala Frenkel in collaboration with the Kelim Center for Choreography, the festival will offer a variety of shows and debuts from different performing arts: dance, performance, visual arts and music, and host discussions, with audience participation, led by feminist social activists and artists.

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