A meeting for mothers-artists ✲ /
Merav Dagan and Danielle Gallia-Kind
We feel that there is a need for a space that dissolves the separations between art, motherhood and reality, a space that recognizes maternal knowledge and its relevance to dealing with the current situation. We invite you to meet, share and listen to each other, from wherever you are and in the way you want to take part.
“A listening session in collaboration with “The Refrigerator /
Meir Tati
These days we want to create ripples of a softened presence together, to enable a comforting meeting in an unbearably difficult reality. We will practice together and individually nutritious actions and movements, we will experience presence exercises centered on the body, and we will read together the text of the Indian philosopher Yadu Krishnamurti.
Updates ‘Moving Into Action’ – interdisciplinary lab for choreography with people of varied abilities /
Nataly Zukerman and the participants of the 'Moving Into Action' Lab
a week ago, 'Moving Into Action' Lab invited 'Vertigo Power Of Balance' to a professional meeting, where Chai Cohen and Tali Wertheim talked about the development of the project and led an improvisation session in which the choreographers of 'Moving Into Action' Lab danced together with dancers with a variety of abilities.
The connections between us ✲ Ecology and Dance /
Alma Maria Simon
An invitation to an open Zoom meeting for the dance community, as part of the learning sessions of the 'Kelim Dance Festival'.
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