26-31 March 2019

Kelim Choreography Center is celebrating a decade!

The body is the basis for the collaborative artistic creation that takes place at Kelim. It is the main subject of research and is at the heart of the center’s diverse activities that include the choreography program, artist residencies, performances and workshops.

The 2019 March Hare Dance Festival is celebrating the center’s various programs which enable the body to find artistic expression. ‘The body’ includes all aspects of its existence: its humanness, movement, appearance and range of expression, whether seen in the bodies of dancers, children, the elderly, the physically challenged, or other bodies on the broad continuum of bodies- all full of life! What kind of work environments does each does each of these bodies require in order to flourish and create? How does this affect artistic creation? How can these art environments reverberate and influence non-artistic environments, and offer, in a diffused manner, a process of expansion and inclusion?

The Festival will present different work environments that facilitate a meeting point for bodies, leading to the creation of art. This act carries political weight, and can create a community.

Alongside premiers of six pieces created in the artist residency program during the past year at Kelim, works created through the collaboration of high school students in Bat Yam and various groups from Kelim will also be presented. In addition, there will be guest performances.

On three evenings during the festival, artists will lead movement workshops which will be open to the public and free of charge. We hope to create an environment for cooperative movement and spectatorship.

Anat Danieli and Yair Vardi




26.3 Tuesday

17:00-19:00 – Choreography as Alchemy | Open workshop led by Anat Danieli, with audience participation

19:00 – March Hare Dance Festival Opening Event: “Teach Me How To Somersault” | Ofir Yudilevitch, together with students from Ya’ad High School.

20:00 – Shoulders!’ | Shaked Mochiach (guest performance)

21:30 – Mass | Iris Erez (Premiere)

27.3 Wednesday

17:00-19:00 –Between Kingdoms- Kelim’s Communities | Open discussion, with audience participation

19:00-19:40 –Warmup led by “Toolbox” group, with audience participation

20:00 – Second Beat | Kim Taitelbaum and Moran Abergel Yitzhaki, together with “Toolbox” group

28.3 Thursday

17:00-19:00 – Staging The Truth | Open workshop led by Sharon Zuckerman Weiser, with audience participation

19:00-19:40 –Warmup led by choreography program, with audience participation

20:00 – First Fruits | Creative Incubator of the Choreography program at Kelim (guest performance) 21:30 – Making sense | Shira Eviatar (Premiere)

22:00 | 24:00 | 02:00 – Lost Hour- A Night At The Museum | Tami Leibovitz (guest performance)  

** The performance, will take place at the Bat Yam Museum of Contemporary Art (built in memory of David Ben Ari), 6 Stroma St., Bat Yam.

29.3 Friday

11:00-11:40 –Warmup led by Anat Danieli, with audience participation

12:00-14:00 – Kelim As a Work Environment | Open discussion, with audience participation

14:00 – Astrate | Kim Taitelbaum and Moran Abergel Yitzhaki (guest performance)

15:00 – PARTY! Together we’ll welcome the sabbath and weekend, and celebrate Kelim and the March Hare Dance Festival.

30.3 Saturday

12:00 –Adventures of Humit- A Tale about an Ant, By S. Yizhar | A theater piece by Ruth Kanner (Children’s theater)  *Duration: 1 hour. The performance will be in Hebrew and Arabic. Suitable for children ages 4-8.

19:00-19:40 – Warmup led by Asaf Aharonson, with audience participation

20:00 – Revert to Manual | Sigal Bergman (Premiere)

21:30 –Unhappening | Michal Agassi (Premiere)

Joy, Part I | Asaf Aharonson (Premiere)

31.3 Sunday

13:00 – BODHI PROJECT at Darca High School, Bat Yam

17:00-19:00 – Just Like That, By Coincidence – Performance/Discussion | Open workshop led by Yair Vardi, with audience participation

19:00-19:40 – Warmup led by Moshe Shechter Avshalom, with audience participation

20:00 – ROUTES | by BODHI PROJECT in collaboration with students from Darca High School, Bat Yam


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