Kelim is a home for new dance productions. The Center strives to provide the best possible conditions for artists engaged in the creative process by offering artists the chance to work in a space designed and equipped for rehearsals, technical rehearsals, and performances. As such, Kelim provides a unique opportunity to perform in the space in which the work was created.

Kelim subsidizes production costs, provides artistic and production-based mentoring as well as marketing support for productions.

The Journey To Limpopo /
by Amit Bar-Am
W /
מאת טליה בק
unnamed (2)
עשתורת /
מאת קימ טייטלבאום ומורן יצחקי אברג'ל
Learning Songs /
מאת נאוה פרנקל
אש חיוורת /
מאת סיגל ברגמן