Kelim and Community

At Kelim, we are committed to being involved in our surrounding community and believe that today an artist must also assume the role of educator and leader. We believe that movement and dance are beneficial disciplines that can enable a person – indeed, any person – to express himself or herself and become more aware of their bodies. In this way, new constructs and categories will emerge in which previously accepted hierarchies of center/periphery, seen/unseen may be reexamined.

‘Community with tools’ is a project designed to enable people with disabilities to experience choreographic creation and aspires both to bring public attention to disadvantaged groups and to broaden the boundaries of artistic discourse.

כלי עבודה 2
Toolbox /
A joint creative project for adults with mental developmental disabilities
מעשה גיל
מעשה גיל EN /
מבט הדדי
Mutual Gaze /
A joint creative project for people with visual impairment