Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor /
May-July 2017 | 2018

Two Room Apartment

Six years after Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor created their adaptation to Nir Ben Gal and Liat Dror’s piece “Two-Room Apartment” from 1987, the duo return to examine it from a new perspective.

In Richard Linklater’s trilogy “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight”, the protagonists, Jesse and Celine, rendezvous every nine years to reflect on love and life. Similarly, we return to this piece because we want to see each other with new eyes. Intimacy manifests differently in the studio and in our home, our own two-room apartment. Through this piece we explore the changes we experienced since we first created it six years ago: changes in our minds, bodies, relationship – and in our perceptions of space, stage and audience.  Above all, we return to this piece because we want to dance and perform together again. This time, our research led us to work with another piece of Dror and Ben Gal, “The Third Dance” from 1990.  Self-reflection through others’ works allows us to touch upon sensitive topics, free of ego. It allows us to examine our lives as partners and creators of contemporary dance in Israel.

This piece was co-produced together with Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape, France, and Pumpenhaus Theatre, Munster, Germany.

The piece was created as part of the ‘Artist in residency’ program at kelim

Premiere: 2018

לימפופו עמית בר עם
Amit Baram /
Limpopo- Dance Theater for children
September-October 2017, January February 2018 | 2018
I recently rediscovered ‘Limpopo’ by Russian children’s poet K. Chukovsky, the story of a doctor on a mission to cure Africa’s animals (translated to Hebrew by Israeli poet Nathan Alterman). The book and the story became the inspiration for this piece and the blueprint for my work process.
As an actor in physical theater for children, I am fascinated by the young audience’s deep understanding of abstract movement and literary language, and by the shared creative process with the children.
Together with circus artist Fyodor Makarov and choreographer Anat Danieli, I explored and developed movement for this piece. Bezalel Borochov composed music for chosen excerpts from the text.
After two months of work I presented the piece and included the children from the audience in the performance. The children wore costumes and used objects they had created in a workshop preceding the performance. I was delighted to learn that the children were neither deterred nor restricted by the sophisticated prose, but, on the contrary, enchanted by it. The poems freed them from a fixed narrative, and there was no limit to the creativity they displayed in their prop creation, stage presence and exploration of abstract movement.

.The piece was created as part of the ‘Artist in residency’ program at kelim

Premier: ‘Hare’ festival kelim, 2018

עדיפות ראשונהadifashion-5
Matan Tawfik and Hoodi Ben Ami /
SEP 2017- MARCH 2018 | 2018

‘Alfa’, a movement piece, opens and closes in an embrace. The duet is a compilation of moments that evolved through our ongoing search for aesthetic movement, through physical exploration of certain inhibiting perceptions – and the potential to develop genuine closeness, despite these perceptions. Our point of departure was our yearning for intimacy, alongside our difficulty to engage in it. During our creative process we returned to intimate moments in our lives, examined them, experimented and played with them – and then “tried them on” again, stretching them to their limit.

The piece was created as part of the ‘Artist in residency’ program at kelim.

Many thanks to: Ophir Yudilevitch, Oren Laor, Danielle Cohen Levy, May Zarhy, Maya Levy, Niv Sheinfeld, Sigal Dahan, Anat Danieli, Sharon Zuckerman Weiser.


קרן בן אלטבט
קרן ואבנר
Avner Miriam Amit and Keren Ben Altabet /
October 2017- March 2018 | 2018

A new piece by Avner Miriam Amit and Keren Ben Altabet in collaboration with Or Avishay, Faye Shapiro and Yonatan Levy.

In this piece we continue to explore the themes of breath, voice and sound boxes, and, indeed, the basic materials of life itself; the beating of the heart, birth, and connection. During our research certain questions arose, such as: What sound does an audience make? We discovered that listening, as a performative tool, can change a space.

Premier: ‘Hare’ festival, Kelim, 2018

.The piece was created as part of the ‘Artist in residency’ program at kelim