The Journey To Limpopo /
by Amit Bar-Am
| 2018

Dance –Theatre performance for children.
Dr. Ow-It-Hurts, the animal doctor, gets an urgent call from the African animals at the Limpopo river. The doctor find himself struggling in a challenging journey – mountain climbing with eagles, ski with wolfs and exploring the depth of the ocean on a wale.
Will Dr. Ow-It-Hurts will make it on time and rescue his sick patients?
The young audience creates the set and costumes in a work shop before the show and participant on stage as animals from the story.

Duration: 50 minuts | Workshop: 30 minuts


Creation and performance: Amit Bar-Am | Choreographic consultation: Anat Danieli | Artistic consultation: Fyodor Makarov | Original music: Bezalel Borochov | Production: Kelim | Educational review: Orit Chorowitz Bar-Am | Set and Costumes: The Audience

כלי עבודה 2
Toolbox /
A joint creative project for adults with mental developmental disabilities
| 2018

The “Toolbox” is a joint creative process whose goal is to formulate a unique working method/model tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the group’s members, through which participants can ultimately create a dance piece for the stage.

As dancers, we communicate with our bodies through movement. We believe that the immediacy of the body can enable any person to communicate with others, regardless of social constructs that may separate them, and to articulate, if only for a moment, their feelings and dreams through performance.

The ‘Toolbox” project, beyond being a meeting place between art and the ‘other’, is an opportunity for learning and growth.

Project initiators: Kim Taitelbaum and Moran Abergel

Maya Matilda Carroll and Ornit Mark Eitan /
December 2017, February- March 2018 | 2018

She Stone Sea, let us play; I am a wave and you are floating, I am a severed stem and you are dreaming, I am a jungle animal and you are in love, you are a footprint in the sand – I am a warrior, you are a tree-root and I run away, you are nature – I am the memory.  A body sculptured, as a living still-image. In a world of stillness we emerge; breaking a silence, forgetting the stillness, returning to it – naturally. We become nature, a breathing object, an abstract, an animal. Cutting loose from the self we are a primal, universal body, fulfilled with longing and permission; to experience the moment, as life itself, anew.

Idea, choreography and performance: Maya Matilda Carroll and Ornit Mark Eitan | sound and music: Roy Carroll | dramaturgical assistance: Maya Wienberg

Premiered at March Hare Festival 2018, Kelim Center

Supported by Kelim Center for Choreography and Mifal HaPayis (the Israel State Lottery)

Photo: Yair Meyuhas

Special Thanks to Anat Danieli, May Zarhy, Sharon Zuckerman Weiser, Danya Zemer

דימוי גרפיה
June in Kelim 2018 /
Graduation performances of the bi-annual choreography program
June | 2018

2018 marks the opening of the new two-year choreography program at Kelim Choreography center, headed by Sharon Zuckerman Weiser. We are happy to invite you to get a taste of the creative work of the program’s 16 participants:

Shani Bar Dimri, Deena Fraiman Meir, Adi Wiezman, Noam Frank, Haddas Eshel, Nevo Ben Knaan, Kim Taitelbaum, Gili Inglis, Matan Tawfik, Yael Sofer Samson, Jenny Birger, Lila Rougier, Anne-Valerie Huebler, Shaked Mochiach, Haddas Eshel, Lihi Vegmeister and Annabelle Dvir.

Thursday 31/5/2018 at 20:30 Program A:

Shani Bar Dimri

Lila Rougier

Jenny Birger


Shaked Mochiach

Anne Valeire Huebler

Nevo Ben Knaan, Kim Taitelbaum, Gili Inglis (Trio)

Friday 1/6/2018 at 21:00 Program B:

Adi Wiezman

Haddas Eshel

Matan Tawfik


Yael Sofer Samson

Noam Frank

Annabelle Dvir

Saturday 2/6/2018 Program C:

Gili Inglis

Kim Taitelbaum

Nevo Ben Knaan


Lihi Vegmaister

Deena Meir

Nevo Ben Knaan, Kim Taitelbaum, Gili Inglis (Trio)

חילופי חללים עם מרכז Im_flieger, וינה, אוסטריה /
2015-2018 | 2018

Im_flieger היא עמותה המנוהלת על ידי אמנים למען אמנים וממוקמת בוינה, אוסטריה. משנת 2000, Im_flieger מסייע ליצור מרחב ציבורי פתוח ומעבדת מחקר למחול עכשווי, פרפורמנס ואמנות בינתחומית.

במסגרת שיתוף פעולה ייחודי זה, יתקיימו חילופי אמנים בין שני המרכזים. שיתוף פעולה ראשון זה הוא תחילתו של קשר מתמשך אשר אנו צופים כי יתרחב בשנים הבאות. הפרויקט מתקיים בתמיכת הפורום האוסטרי לתרבות בתל אביב.

הרחבת החילופים ושיתופי הפעולה מתוכננים להתרחב ב 2016.