photo by Vojtech Brtnicky - Niv Sheinfeld (2)
Romantic Spaciousness /
By Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor
The Choreographers Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, partners in life and creation, will assemble a retrospective on their three duets: "Pre-Martha" (2008), "Two Room Apartment" (2012) that is based on Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal's original work, and the new duet that is in process, towards a premiere in the 2018 edition of the Israel Festival.
צילום דן בן ארי
March Hare Festival 2018: ERES‪_‬Lullabies for adults /
by Michal Oppenheim
ERES‪_‬Lullabies for adults that asks to take the listener to a zone of dreaming awake
Amit_AdiLammPhotofraphy (136)
March Hare Festival 2018: The Journey To Limpopo /
by Amit Bar-Am
Interactive Dance - Theatre performance for children. Dr. Ow-It-Hurts, the animal doctor, gets an urgent call from the African animals at the Limpopo river.
March Hare Festival 2018: FIGURES – site specific version /
by Liza Baliasnaja and Sidney Barnes (LT/BE/UK)
In FIGURES we perform questionable geometries and physical relations choreographed as a sequence of illusionary events that challenge the visual experience of the observer.
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This year the March Hare Dance Festival is celebrating collaboration and cooperation in the art of dance. Fruitful dialogue and the joy of forging meaningful connections are at the heart of the festival - embodied in the pieces created collaboratively by artist and choreographers, in the choice of public urban spaces as performance venues, and in the various events and workshops open to the public.

The festival’s potential is in bringing people together and the resulting meeting points, manifested in artistic creation. These meeting points don’t belong to any of us, but come to life between us; between creators of a piece, between the audience and the artists, between the theater and public urban spaces, between exterior and interior, between two pieces presented one after another. What possibilities are discovered through these relations? What occurs when sincere dialogue and a shared presence take place? What kind of alchemy transpires through the meeting of people and art?

We invite you to experience the festival through the lens of movement in its various forms: the performer’s movement, the progress of the audience from one place to another, and the flow of thoughts and sensations within you while watching a piece. We welcome everyone, near and far, to join us, both those familiar with the world of dance as well as those yet to experience it.

This year, in line with the matriarchal spirit of the Kelim Center for Choreography, creator May Zarhy joined Anat Danieli in the artistic direction of the festival.

The March Hare Dance Festival will be held at two venues in the city of Bat-Yam; at the Kelim Center for Choreography and at the Ben Gurion school.

Over the course of two subsequent weekends, five new pieces developed at the Kelim Center for Choreography residency program will be presented, as well as works by artists from around the world.

You are all invited!