Over the past several years, publications about contemporary dance have grown and expanded dramatically. The reading group focuses on recently published books. Together, we will discuss the new debate about dance and will attempt to differentiate between foreign and local publications. In this collective learning group, we will read key articles by writers such as Bojana Cjevic, Noemie Solomon, Jereon Peeters, Andrea Lepecki, Ramsey Burt, Frederic Pouillaud, Michael J. Morris and others. The participants of this group will be asked to read the articles in advance and together we will attempt to cultivate a discussion that will allow us to explore how theory can influence and change artistic processes, productions and critique.

Ran Brown is an independent researcher, the founder and coeditor of Maakaf, a lecturer at the Physical Theater School and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. In 2012, Brown was invited by Kelim to lead a research project about choreographic process. His book A Place of Action: Contemporary Choreography in Theory and Practice, which documented this project, was recently published.