Ma’ase Gil Project  is a meeting between a group of artists including choreographers, dancers and video artist, and a group of elderly persons from the Lustiger’ Day Center in Bat Yam.’ The goal of the project is to find a common language amongst different generations. Over the course of the project the participants meet once a week during which time they collaborate on a presentation that is shown in a public space in the city of Bat Yam and as well at Kelim center.

Ma’ase Gil aims to offer an alternative view of the aging body in society by exposing the desires, needs and spirit of the core participants.


Throughout the project the participants work with dance as well as other relevant art forms in order to articulate the unique voice of the group. Stories and memories are the foundation of the exploration.

The meeting between the elderly and the dancers is significant on artistic and humanitarian levels. For the dancers, this project affords interaction with a community group that is very different from the one they are used to. As such, they are able to fulfill the need to share their practice with others and embark upon a mutual journey. For the elderly, this meeting presents an opportunity to explore new things at an old age and to pause to consider their memories, needs and desires. Over the course of the project, friendships emerge within each group and between them.